Jenna and Reesa Halberstadt

Jenna and Reesa Halberstadt


Hey Smartiepants! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going on this journey. I am so happy to be able to provide creative and innovative programs to kids of all ages. My passion lies in helping students succeed, mastering their talents and building up their confidence. Smartiepants gives me the ability to do just that. Growing up, my grandmother, Caryl Baker, inspired me to follow in her footsteps as a powerful and influential female entrepreneur. I went to Western University and graduated with a honours double major in Consumer Behaviour and Psychology. But it was only after this that I realized that in order to pursue my passion of working with children, becoming a certified teacher was critical. I received my Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior) at York University in 2015 and though teaching jobs were limited, I was very lucky to get a job at Bialik Hebrew Day School. I spent my year at Bialik as a Junior Kindergarten assistant and full-time teacher. I gained so much valuable experience and built great relationships, allowing me to bring the wealth of knowledge to the programs at Smartiepants. I also enjoy tutoring students of various ages, creating strong bonds with each of them and getting to know their individual learning styles. As well, I loved co-facilitating Chucklepatch Backyard Camp with my mom for the past 3 summers. Smartiepants gives me the ability to work with my mom, who is truly my best friend and the most amazing educator. It’s time to follow my dreams, take risks and enjoy the ride.

Say hello to the Smartiepants Dynamic Duo! We are ready to go.


Hi Smartiepants! I am so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life with all of you. From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a teacher. However, having a family business to go into, I began my career in the cosmetic industry and worked there for 25 years. As time passed, I felt that I needed to fulfill my passion by working with kids, and so my journey in the teaching world began! I taught children with special needs for many years and gained so much integral experience in this field. Following this, I was given a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Holy Blossom Pre-School community, and spent 10 years teaching nursery and pre-nursery age children. My mother always told me,“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” This was 100{34f3eeee1b311bf558f15b54e8fd3b8edb621327888b3c47a1bd926db1741c26} true! Each and every day, I fell more in love with teaching and loved watching my little students grow and become ‘little menches’. In addition to teaching, I have also run Chucklepatch Backyard Camp for 6 years providing young children with their first camp experience. I am beyond thrilled to open Smartiepants and start this adventure with my daughter. Together, we will create something special for your children.

Come along Smartiepants, the adventure awaits!


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