All About Me & Diversity

Wednesday June 10

9:30 am EST

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06/10/20 9:30 am America/Toronto All About Me & Diversity
Welcome to the SmartieLaboratory – where our SmartieScientists put on their lab coats & goggles and get down to business! We start by investigating the materials needed for this class, continue with 2-3 exciting experiments/crafts & end with a story, snack, light show and bubbles! Come explore new topics & become critical thinkers with us!

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Materials List
  • Parts of Your Face:
  • small mirror to look in
  • playdough / plastecine and glue
  • My Fingerprints are Special/With My Own Two Hands:
  • little bit of paint on a plate
  • marker / crayon
  • Diversity Egg Experiment:
  • brown egg & white egg
  • 2 separate bowls
  • PDF Print Outs

All About Me & Diversity

In This Class
  1. Smartiepants Train
  2. I SPY Game (PDF)
  3. Experiments:
    a) Parts of your face
    b) Fingerprints are Special/With My Own Two Hands
    c) Diversity Egg Experiment
  4. Lightshow, bubbles & goodbye!

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