X…marks the spot!

Thursday July 16

3:00 pm EST

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Materials List
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07/16/20 3:00 pm America/Toronto X…marks the spot!
Welcome to the SmartieLaboratory – where our SmartieScientists put on their lab coats & goggles and get down to business! We start by investigating the materials needed for this class, continue with 2-3 exciting experiments/crafts & end with a story, snack, light show and bubbles! Come explore new topics & become critical thinkers with us!
Materials List
  • Baking soda & water
  • jewels/sequins/crafty items
  • kid dropper (or just a small spoon/syringe)
  • bowl of vinegar
  • 3 pennies
  • paper towel roll
  • 1 paper/styrofoam cup – will need to cut a hole at the base of the cup
  • black paint (or any colour paint/markers)
  • white glue
  • PDF print outs

X…marks the spot!

In This Class
  1. Smartiepants Train
  3. Making Treasure Chests – put in freezer
  4. Pirate Telescope
  5. Snack & Book
  6. Find the Treasure… X marks the spot!
  7. If time – pennies experiment!
  8. Songs, light show & goodbye!

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