Monday April 13th, Live @ 4:00pm – Smartiepants Baby


Geared towards babies, but fun for everyone!

Smartiepants Baby is a program that offers stimulating activities and bonding between you and your little ‘babe.’ We sing songs with shakers, drums, balls, mirrors, pianos & scarves – including many of the classics & Smartiepants exclusives! We end the class with parachute, light show and bubble time!
WATCH THE LIVE CLASS – MONDAY @ 4:00PM (must have purchased the FREE class by Monday @ 3:00PM) – RECORDED CLASS WILL BE SENT 2-3 HOURS AFTER PURCHASE





  • shakers
  • drum
  • scarves
  • apple and banana
  • parachute / towel
  • small plastic balls
  • optional: amazon disco light
  • bubbles

Class Breakdown

  • We will shake it at Smartiepants, sing fruits & veggies songs, do some drumming & end with parachute, story time, lights & bubbles!


How It Works

  • Click "Join Class" at the top of the page
  • Complete the checkout process
  • An email will be sent to you to access the class LIVE 15 minutes before the class & an email will be sent later on with the recording
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