SmartieSpecialties – Afternoon

Check out the descriptions for our new afternoon SmartieSpecialties!


SmartieAthletes, are you ready!? It’s time for Smartiepants to become the SmartieGym!

It is not all about sports…at SmartieAthletes it’s all about movement! We will focus on skills like jumping, balance, coordination, and teamwork. Our SmartieAthletes will participate in movement-focused activities that will help strengthen their gross motor and fine motor skills. Whether it be running an obstacle course, learning to do a jumping jack or moving to a beat – our SmartieAthletes will all have the best time! In addition, the children will have time to explore the Smartiepants Studio during the session allowing them to enjoy all of the various play-centres.

SmartieAthletes is facilitated by our SmartieCoach, Jenni Diamond.


Get your aprons, SmartieChefs…and let’s have fun in the kitchen!

Our SmartieChefs will go on a delicious journey – learning about healthy eating, getting messy in the kitchen, and exploring new foods! As the yummy foods are cooking and the aroma fills the air in the SmartieLoft, the group will have fun participating in various activities, such as playing with gross motor toys, puzzles and games. 

Our SmartieChefs will take home the recipes each week – allowing parents and kids to replicate the healthy recipes at home! Let’s give our kids some responsibility for knowing what they eat, how they eat and why they eat it!

SmartieChefs is facilitated by our amazing head chef, Cali Guttman.


Welcome to the SmartieLaboratory… where the SmartieScientists will put on their goggles and get to work!

It is time to experiment – where the kids will learn to predict, do experiments and track results! At a young age, our Scientists will begin to investigate, spark curiosities and engage in purposeful collaboration with their peers. Using all kid-friendly materials and tools that could be found in your home, these experiments will be easy to repeat with your kids (though, we can’t guarantee that they will always be mess-free!). Get your labcoats and goggles – it’s time to get down to business!

SmartieScientists is facilitated by the incredible, Laurel Etkin.


It’s time to take centre stage at SmartieBroadway!

SmartieBroadway welcomes children in JK, SK and Grade 1 for a chance to ACT, SING & PLAY! This program will help your child build confidence, express creativity, and explore their imagination! In a fun-filled, safe environment, our SmartieBroadway actors will engage in theater games, learn songs and and create their own characters and stories. On the last day of the session, our Smartie Actors will present you a short performance and go home with a special award from the ‘Smarties’ (our version of the Tony’s!).

SmartieBroadway is facilitated by Broadway veteran and TV actor, Darrin Baker.

Fall Session 2018

Tues Sept 4 – Thurs Dec 13

Specialties for 18 mo – 2.5 year olds

SmartieAthletes (Wednesday)
Time: 3:45pm – 5:00pm
Accompanied by parent/caregiver

Location: Smartiepants Studio (ground floor)

Price: SmartieAthletes Wednesday: $420 + HST

Specialties for 2-3 year olds

Programs: SmartieChefs (Monday) &
SmartieScientists (Tuesday)
Time: 3:45pm – 5:00pm
Accompanied by parent/caregiver

Location: SmartieLoft (second floor)


SmartieChefs Monday: $360 + HST
SmartieScientist Tuesday: $420 + HST

Specialties for JK – Grade 1


Session Dates: Tues Sept 25th – Thurs Dec 13th

Programs: SmartieBroadway (Tuesday) &
SmartieChefs (Thursday)
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Location: Broadway (Smartiepants Studio) & Chefs (SmartieLoft)


SmartieBroadway Tuesday: $336 + HST
SmartieChefs Thursday: $336 + HST


How do I know if my program is in the Smartiepants Studio or the SmartieLoft?

Check the schedules for the current session to see when your program is being held.

Where is the nearest parking?

There is always paid street parking on both sides of Eglinton Avenue. After 10:00am there is free 1-hour side street parking on many of the streets surrounding Smartiepants. Using the Green P app, our code is 6130. To discount your parking using the Green P app, click 'discount' and type in 'Crosstown.'

Where do I park my stroller?

If your program is being run in the Smartiepants Studio - a maximum of 8 strollers can be parked in front of our window (not blocking the sidewalk/doorway). In the event that the front is too full, strollers must be parked at our backdoor entrance (enter from the laneway).

If your program is being run in the SmartieLoft - all strollers must be parked at the back of Smartiepants. You can leave your stroller along the railing, and can use a stroller lock if you would like.

Also, please bring your stroller protectors when it is raining or snowing for extra protection.

Is Smartiepants a nut-free facility?

Yes. Please do not bring anything that contains any nuts/traces of nuts.

Which door do I use to enter Smartiepants?

To enter the Smartiepants Studio (ground floor), you may use both the front and back doors. Our front door is located at 1136 Eglinton Avenue West. Our back door can be found by walking through the laneway behind Smartiepants - you will see a white door with a Smartiepants logo on it. Ring the doorbell to enter.

To enter the SmartieLoft (second floor), we advise you to use the backdoor entrance that can also be found by walking through the laneway behind Smartiepants. The door to the SmartieLoft is to the LEFT of the Smartiepants Studio back door. You will walk up 5 steps, walk down the corridor and ring the doorbell at the SmartieLoft door.

If you choose to use a door on Eglinton to access the SmartieLoft, the door is located in the front walkway at 1138 Eglinton Avenue West (Baygin Tailors). You will see a SmartieLoft logo / arrow to follow.

Do you provide snack?

In classes longer than 1-hour, we will provide your child will a light snack. If you would prefer to bring your own snack, please make sure it is nut-free.


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