Here is the roster of our incredible SmartieSpecialists!

Cali Guttman

Head Chef at SmartieChefs

Cali is a Registered Dietitian; she completed her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University.  Born and raised in Montreal, she was working at the Montreal Children’s Hospital where she gained many years of experience in providing nutrition care to infants, children, teenagers and even young adults. In addition to her hospital clinical experiences, she is an active Dietitian in the community and provides private nutrition counselling for a diverse clientele. Cali’s nutrition knowledge, love for food and enthusiastic personality; make her the perfect Dietitian to help your SmartieChefs explore new foods!

Alyssa Catzman & Emily Pike (Social Circle)

Facilitators of SmartStart & SmartieSocial

Two moms, Alyssa and Emily, know exactly what it’s like to want the best for your kids today and tomorrow. With a combined 15 years working with parents and children, they are committed and excited to share their knowledge with other families who, like them, experience ups and downs along the road. Together they have specialized training and expertise in Behavioural Analysis, Parent Coaching, Mindfulness, Positive Discipline, and Play Therapy. They are the founders of Social Circle.

Laurel Etkin

Researcher at SmartieScientists

Laurel is an OCT certified teacher with a passion for learning! She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Medical Science collaborative program in neuroscience. She conducts her research at Sick Kids Hospital examining aspects of care in pediatric oncology. Laurel can’t wait to share her passion for science and research by inspiring curiosity in the scientists of tomorrow! Laurel is ready to get into the SmartieLaboratory and facilitate exciting experiments and scientific activities for our little SmartieScientists!

Jenni Diamond

Trainer at SmartieMama Fitness

Jenni is a Certified Personal Trainer and Occupational Therapist (OT). As an OT, she works with concussion patients at the Neurology Centre of Toronto, helping both youth and adults. As a personal trainer, Jenni does in-home private and group fitness training, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness.  Jenni is very excited to bring her passion and love for fitness to Smartiepants! 

Darrin Baker

Director at SmartieBroadway

Darrin Baker has been acting and teaching for 35 years. He has appeared in 6 Broadway shows in leading roles and guest starred in countless TV shows. Through his entire professional career, his love for working with kids of all ages has always been in the forefront. Darrin co-created Broadway Triple Threat, a leading destination program for youth in NYC. Darrin has taught acting for musical theater at New York University and Toronto’s Randolph Academy and guest taught and directed kids all over the United States and Canada! He headed up Camp Winnebagoe‘s Drama program and still goes up to work with the kids. Darrin can’t wait to work with the little actors at SmartieBroadway!

Carly Heffner

Artist Extraordinaire at SmartieArtist

Carly is a OCT certified teacher and artist who is passionate about early childhood education and finding ways of integrating art into literacy. She is so excited to run SmartieArtists at Smartiepants!

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How do I know if my program is in the Smartiepants Studio or the SmartieLoft?

Check the schedules for the current session to see when your program is being held.

Where is the nearest parking?

There is always paid street parking on both sides of Eglinton Avenue. After 10:00am there is free 1-hour side street parking on many of the streets surrounding Smartiepants. Using the Green P app, our code is 6130. To discount your parking using the Green P app, click 'discount' and type in 'Crosstown.'

Where do I park my stroller?

If your program is being run in the Smartiepants Studio - a maximum of 8 strollers can be parked in front of our window (not blocking the sidewalk/doorway). In the event that the front is too full, strollers must be parked at our backdoor entrance (enter from the laneway).

If your program is being run in the SmartieLoft - all strollers must be parked at the back of Smartiepants. You can leave your stroller along the railing, and can use a stroller lock if you would like.

Also, please bring your stroller protectors when it is raining or snowing for extra protection.

Is Smartiepants a nut-free facility?

Yes. Please do not bring anything that contains any nuts/traces of nuts.

Which door do I use to enter Smartiepants?

To enter the Smartiepants Studio (ground floor), you may use both the front and back doors. Our front door is located at 1136 Eglinton Avenue West. Our back door can be found by walking through the laneway behind Smartiepants - you will see a white door with a Smartiepants logo on it. Ring the doorbell to enter.

To enter the SmartieLoft (second floor), we advise you to use the backdoor entrance that can also be found by walking through the laneway behind Smartiepants. The door to the SmartieLoft is to the LEFT of the Smartiepants Studio back door. You will walk up 5 steps, walk down the corridor and ring the doorbell at the SmartieLoft door.

If you choose to use a door on Eglinton to access the SmartieLoft, the door is located in the front walkway at 1138 Eglinton Avenue West (Baygin Tailors). You will see a SmartieLoft logo / arrow to follow.

Do you provide snack?

In classes longer than 1-hour, we will provide your child will a light snack. If you would prefer to bring your own snack, please make sure it is nut-free.


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