My son had the pleasure of being a student in Jenna’s JK class last year. Jenna is a fantastic teacher who genuinely adores each of her students. She is creative, warm, fun and passionate about her job. Jenna worked very closely with my son and he excelled throughout the school year. He looked forward to going to school every day and I owe it all to Jenna. Thank you for an amazing school year. We will miss you!!

Jillian Matlin

Mother of SK Student, Tyler

Wow! I can’t believe how much my math work has improved. Before, in math, I was badly falling behind and I wouldn’t get good marks on my work. I was always stressed coming home from school with math homework I didn’t understand. But, after a few weeks of working with Jenna, I noticed that I was getting better marks on my math assignments, and I was making fewer mistakes. Eventually, I was getting 3’s and 4’s on my work! Jenna was always so encouraging, no matter what my marks were. She would show me how to do the work, make sure I understood, and then gave me practice questions. Jenna was super fun to work with and taught me so much in the time we had together.


Grade 6 Student

Jenna is creative, caring and truly one of the best educators my family his had the pleasure of working with. My son has a difficult time getting motivated to do homework, however with Jenna as his tutor he actually looks forward to each session and even asks for more time (if you can believe it!). Jenna truly knows how to engage your child in learning in a very special, enriching and guided way to both make learning fun and achievable. She has been a true gift to my family!

Dr. Amanda Sullovey

Mother of Grade 6 Student, Max

I met Jenna and Reesa when my youngest was 1.5 and we attended their outstanding backyard camp Chucklepatch. It was such an amazing first camp experience and it became apparent to me immediately that they were both very talented at dealing with little children. I was lucky enough to have Reesa as Izzy’s pre-nursery teacher following camp. My daughter was a bit tricky with the drop off, but within a few days, she was excited to go see “teacher Reesa”. She helped foster an independence and confidence in my then 2 year old that was incredible to see. I felt so fortunate to have her as Izzys teacher.

I then had the great fortune to hire Jenna as a math tutor for my eldest daughter. She was 10 at the time and found math challenging. I’m a teacher of 18 years and was having a hard time helping her. Jenna was truly life changing. She was proactive from the start. She would check in with me a few days before their session to find out what Darryn was working on in school so she could bring extra work to help re-inforce the concepts she was helping her with. She started to work ahead with Darryn so that she was confident and ready to learn new concepts as they were introduced. My husband and I noticed a huge difference with Darryn’s ability to do her math homework on the days that Jenna was not coming to tutor her. Jenna also developed such an amazing rapport with my daughter that she was able to help her with some of the social issues and conflicts that were happening at school. I often joked that Jenna was an equally gifted social worker.

Jenna truly did change our lives. I cannot recommend Jenna and Reesa enough and am already looking forward to being a part of the Smartiepants community.

Penny Sherman

Mother of JK Student, Izzy, and Grade 6 Student, Darryn


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